Featured Facebook Campaigns: Levi’s and Water.org, Sprite and Discover Ireland

Among notable campaigns on Facebook in the past week, a Levi’s and Water.org partnership offered a branded app that taught users about saving water, Sprite’s Spark Park Project asked users on Facebook to help decide what basketball courts need remodeling. Then there was Tourism Ireland, which created a virtual Ireland to hook users on the real island nation and give them a chance to win a trip there.

We’ve excerpted the Levi’s campaign bleow. You can see the full week’s coverage in the Facebook Marketing Bible, which also includes detailed breakdowns of dozens of other featured campaigns by top-performing brands and businesses on Facebook.

Levi’s and Water.org’s WaterTank

Goal: Engagement, Network Exposure, Page Growth, Product Purchase

Core Mechanic: A WaterTank game developed by Levi’s to support Water.org efforts to save water and support the organization’s clean water projects across the globe.

Game: WaterTank is a game developed by Levi’s to support Water.org that helps users learn about saving water.

Method: By playing the Levi’s WaterTank game, users can complete a series of tasks to unlock water for Levi’s to donate $250,000 around the world as part of Water.org’s mission. For example, Liking the Levi’s Page unlocks 1,000 liters. Users can complete several such tasks, pledging to wash your jeans bi-weekly instead of weekly saves water, tweeting about the game, answering questions, donating, etc. Other challenges include: using the #waterless hashtag on Twitter, checking into a Levi’s store in the U.S., inviting friends to play WaterTank, donating money to Water.org, scan a QR code in a Levi’s store and watch a Levis-Water.org video. Each challenge completed also generates a Facebook feed story. The game and accompanying water donations runs from March 22 through May 8.

Impact: The Levi’s Page has more than 3.7 million Likes, possibly helped in part by the game’s request of players to Like the Page to stay updated about the water initiative. Payers have unlocked more than 66 million liters of water by playing WaterTank and the game notes thousands of challenges have been completed with the game. By generating a feed story for each challenge completed, Levi’s really leverages each and every user and every action they take on the game to spread the word about the game, which probably explains why, in just about a week, the company’s 200 million liter goal is more than 25% complete.

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