Zynga's Farmville Lost 4.4 Million Players Last Month

If you’ve been following the Farmville phenomenon, you know that it’s growth has been pretty much as consistent as Facebook, and that’s why it’s somewhat out of character for the game to lose 4 million players in a month. Well, that’s what happened during the month of April, and social gaming pundits around the web are trying to determine what caused the loss. The most likely candidate is the removal of spammy notifications.

Farmville, now at 78 million monthly active users, is not the only application to lose traffic. According to Inside Social Games, 18 out the 25 top games lost traffic in April, and the theory is it was the notifications that killed the traffic. This just underscores how powerful Facebook is becoming, and it’s decisions about what constitutes a good user experience has an effect on millions of users, and also millions of dollars for social application companies.