FarmVille Adds First Branded Crop, Goes Organic

FarmVille players can now engage in organic farming both on and off their virtual fields. In the first move of its kind, FarmVille has partnered with Cascadian Farm to provide players with opportunities to enjoy Cascadian branded crops on their painstakingly plowed fields as well as in the grocery store. The many benefits that Cascadian Farm items will bring to FarmVille players will be available from July 19th to the 26th.

Cascadian Farm is a pioneer in the organic space, so it is fitting that during the promotion Cascadian Farm blueberries will be the most profitable crop for farmers. They will be open to farmers of all levels, from field hands to world fair champs. Also, green living and organic tips will be available to players during gameplay, and Cascadian Farm even has coupons prepared for FarmVille players that can be used for discounted organic produce in real life.