Farmville About To Cruise Past 80 Million Users

The massively popular Facebook game, Farmville, is now even more popular. Farmville is about to surpass 80 million monthly active users, up from 70 million active monthly users in December 2009 and 60 million active monthly users in October 2009. If you look at these stats, it seems that the game is gaining 10 million users every other month.

AllFacebook’s Application Statistics show that Farmville now has around 31 million daily active users, up from around 27 million daily active users on Feb 2, 2009. Similarly the weekly active users now stand at 54 million up from 49 million on Feb 2, 2009. These stats are even more astounding and shows that Farmville has gained 4 million daily active users in less than 2 weeks – around 35% growth.

The passion of Farmville users is also evident from other events. When Zynga launched a special fund raising campaign for Earth Quake relief in Haiti, Farmville gamers donated more than $1 million by buying virtual gifts. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day Farmville users sent more than 220 million Valentine’s Day virtual gifts in 18 hours, such is the engagement of users on Farmville.

One of the main reasons for such high active usage stats, is the many ways in which Zynga engages with its application users. Earlier this year, Zynga launched some special Super Pumpkins, that were only available to users who were a fan of Farmville’s fanpage on Facebook. This resulted in Farmville’s fanpage blasting past 20 million fans, up from 10 million in January.

Farmville’s growth has also been a case of “a rising tide raising all boats”. Facebook now has 400 million registered users, up from 350 million users back in Dec, 2009. While Facebook gained 50 million users in the past two months, Farmville managed to acquire 10 million users – a growth of around 14% for both Facebook and Farmville.

Another interesting point that becomes evident from these stats is that out of the 200 million users who log in to Facebook every day, 15 percent are playing FarmVille.