Facebook’s New Toolkit Lets Gaming Streamers Set Rules for Chat

Viewers will need to accept the conditions before being allowed to comment

Moderators can tell viewers why their content was removed Facebook

Facebook launched a new toolkit for video game content creators, which will let them set rules for their chat and more.

The social network worked with Fair Play Alliance, a group of video game professionals and companies, to create new rules that both content creators and their moderators can use to manage the type of content that’s shared in chat.

This toolkit allows streamers to select preset rules that will be applied to their chat when they go live. They can also add a custom description to their stream that lets viewers know the kind of conversations they’re hoping to have. Viewers will need to agree to follow the rules before they’re allowed to leave a comment in the streamer’s chat.

For now, there are eight preset rules to choose from:

  • Be accepting
  • Respect boundaries
  • Don’t criticize
  • Don’t be rude
  • Don’t flood the chat
  • Don’t self promote
  • Keep it clean
  • No profanity

In a Facebook Newsroom post, Clara Siegel, Facebook Gaming product manager, said the social network is currently “testing these rules now with a small group of creators, and we’ll roll them out globally in the coming months.”

This toolkit allows moderators to select which rule(s) were broken when they remove a message, so that the poster will know why their content was deleted. Moderators will also have access to a new moderation dashboard.

Finally, when a comment is removed from a streamer’s chat, or a user is banned entirely, their comments will disappear from the streamer’s chat immediately.

Siegel said, “We know gaming has changed over time, and so have the people who play, so it’s important for us to support creators and their moderators by helping set guidelines for positive conversations. Our work doesn’t end here—we’re excited to continue partnering with the Fair Play Alliance to develop additional features and ensure creators and fans alike can find safe and inclusive communities on Facebook.”