What The New Facebook PMD Program Means For Your Brand

Votigo Co-Chief Executive Officer and Founder Mike La Rotonda explains how Facebook's preferred marketing developer program evolved and how brands can benefit from the new configuration.

This week’s Spring Summit at Facebook headquarters brought about the newly structured preferred marketing developers program. But what does it mean for your brand?

Most of all, the PMD program signals that Facebook is doubling down on its relationship with brands and technology platforms. Facebook is open to influence — in true social fashion — from cutting-edge businesses like yours, and is now more actively fostering this influence than ever.

Facebook introduced the Preferred Developer Consultant program in 2009, officially introducing the developer ecosystem. Collaboration between developers and world-class brands and agencies exploded from there.

Keep it in context: savvy marketers leverage Facebook as part of a cross-platform social strategy that includes YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, foursquare, mobile and whichever channels resonate with a targeted audience.

But make no mistake, Facebook is deserving of whatever resources you can put into it from a marketing standpoint:

  • Time and consistent effort from your talented social media managers or strategists.
  • Traffic from your advertising or email marketing campaigns.
  • Brand-consistent messaging and design; and
    Investment in apps and services from established technology providers.

The preferred marketing developer program is the latest in a series of commitments that Facebook has made to create an ecosystem where brands, agencies and developers thrive.

There are over 35 million brand pages on the platform. That’s a huge number, but that also means we are just getting started in realizing the potential that brands and businesses have for connecting with consumers on the world’s leading social network.

Guest writer Mike La Rotonda is co-chief executive officer and founder of Votigo.