Facebook updates ad campaign structure: targeting, placement, bid settings at ad set level


Facebook today announced changes to its ad campaign structure. Now, advertisers will be able to choose targeting, placement and bid settings at the ad set level. Inside Facebook reported these changes in August, but the company announced that the rollout is starting today.

There are three tiers in the Facebook ad campaign structure: campaign at the top, ad set in the middle, and the ads themselves as the end product.

Facebook blogged about the changes, explaining what they mean for advertisers:

This is a subtle but important change that helps businesses follow best practices for advertising on Facebook. Moving audiences, bidding and placement to the ad set level helps advertisers keep these settings consistent across all of the ads within an ad set. This makes it easier to test different ad creative (links, imagery, copy, video, etc.) against the same budget, audience and placement. That way advertisers can see which ad creative works best for each ad set they create, and make more informed decisions about the specific ads they use in their campaigns.

These changes will roll out over the next few weeks. Facebook wrote that once the Ads Create tool, Ads Manager and Power Editor are updated, all newly-created ad sets will reflect this structural change.

Facebook noted that PLAE used this new ad structure in beta, resulting in 250 percent growth in quarterly sales, a 10 percent decrease in customer acquisition costs and a 10 percent increase in average order value.

Facebook recommends that advertisers create an ad set for different audiences as a way to test effectiveness. Companies should also create multiple ads to optimize their creative and make sure that the content is what their specific audience wants to see.

Readers: What do you think of these changes?