Facebook Roundup: Messages, User Data, Politics, Photos, Ads, Trademarks, Video and Music

Facebook Begins Messages Rollout – Facebook posted a blog that the company has begun the rollout of Messages to Facebook users over the next few weeks, for more information see our previous coverage.

Facebook Reveals New User DataFacebook has around 149 million U.S. users, 70% of whom log on daily. France has 22 million users with 65% logging on daily, 29 million in the UK and 19 million in Canada. Detailed data on ad rates by demographic for over 190 country markets around the world is available with a membership to Inside Facebook Gold, our data service that also includes the monthly Global Monitor Report.

Illinois Senator Requests Anonymity for Facebook – U.S. Senator of Illinois Richard Durbin sent a letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg requesting that the company give users around the world an option to withhold their real identities in the name of “freedom of expression.” While this idea goes against the idea of Facebook being the central service for people’s real-world identities, it would also allow for human rights activists to more easily avoid oppressive governments.

Facebook Details Photo Viewer Update – Facebook’s Engineering team posted a blog this week detailing the final upgrade to its photo viewer tool.

[Image Via Facebook]

Super Bowl Advertisers Flock to Facebook Ads – Ryan Spoon wrote an interesting post pointing out that Super Bowl companies that used the web to promote themselves around the time of the big game have since moved on to Facebook ads.

Facebook Moves on Generic Trademarks – Facebook has trademarked the term “face” as it pertains to online social networking and related activities in the European Union, according to TechCrunch. Facebook continues to pursue a U.S. trademark on both “face” and “book.”

Egyptian Activist Thanks Facebook – Google marketing manager Wael Ghonim — who has risen to prominence in recent weeks for his role in organizing against the government, said in a conversation with CNN that Facebook helped him and others organize recent protests in Egypt. He thanked Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg and said he’d like to meet him. [Image Via Facebook]

Syria Unblocks Facebook, Twitter, YouTube – The Syrian government lifted its ban on Facebook, and other social media sites like Twitter and YouTube on Tuesday, according to reports.

Social Video Advertiser Sharethrough Grows 236%Social video advertising company Sharethrough announced this week that in 2010 it increased revenues by 236% and grew its client base 43%. The company reports that brands are investing an average of 250% more in social video media buys than a year ago

Facemoods Emoticon App Releases Update – Israel-based start-up Facemoods, a browser add-on enabling emoticon use in Facebook chat, has grown by 9 million fans since we last wrote about the company in August and is set to release a new version of the app enabling the use of emoticons in Facebook chat outside of the platform.

Moontoast Impulse for Musicians’ Merch – Moontoast Impulsve is a Facebook app allowing artists to install social commerce storefronts to sell their digital tracks and albums without leaving the platform. Now the app includes the ability to sell merchandise, as well as tickets.