Facebook Launches Polling Engagement Ads

Remember that the Facebook polls tool that Facebook shut down a couple months ago? Well, it now appears that Facebook is launching an alternative to the service for large advertisers in the form of an engagement ad. According to a release just sent out by Facebook, “Like the four previously launched Engagement Ads, the polling ad integrates common activities people are accustomed to taking on Facebook within the ad itself and is shown on users’ home pages. It allows advertisers to ask users a question and solicit responses through a poll, and then enables users who answer the poll to view results and the responses of their friends.”

That means you can look to spend a decent amount on running a Facebook poll. This type of ad isn’t for anybody. As I wrote this morning, the New York Times’ recent inaugural ad campaign attracted over 135,000 new fans to its fan page. If Facebook lets advertisers poll sample size that large, we could soon see a large investment in polling ad campaigns.