The Platform Wars Return To The Forefront, What Is Facebook's Position?

With Google announcing the launch of a PC based operating system and the emergence of a fierce battle to become the leading mobile operating system, it’s clear that the platform wars are back in full force. Recently Techcrunch posted impressive statistics regarding Firefox’s growth, highlighting that the browser wars have been revived as well. Over a year and a half ago I argued that the social web platform wars were now taking place and what’s becoming increasingly clear is that there is a single battle for the hearts and minds of developers.

Mark Zuckerberg proclaimed back in 2007 that Facebook was aiming to become the web’s social operating system but it’s clear that this has morphed into a much greater battle. Mobile platforms have emerged as dominant players and we are rapidly witnessing the expanding demand for development resources once again. The only question for developers now is not “Who should I work for?” but instead “What platform should I develop on?”