Real Madrid Scores Third In Facebook Page Engagement

Real Madrid C.F. takes an explosive leap forward in page engagement, but it still cannot crack the tough barrier created by two dominating religious leaders.

Real Madrid C.F. takes an explosive leap forward in page engagement, but it still cannot crack the tough barrier created by two dominating religious leaders.

Facebook’s Most Engaging Pages

Name Fans Interactions
1. Jesus Daily 10,999,334 5,969,257
2. Dios Es Bueno 5,133,844 3,054,366
3. Real Madrid C.F. 23,425,929 1,555,821
4. The Bible 8,463,728 1,322,544
5. Mario Teguh 5,361,985 1,226,956
6. Joyce Meyer Ministries 1,821,294 1,222,693
7. Manchester United 21,507,258 932,062
8. Justin Bieber 39,310,667 865,559
9. FC Barcelona 24,893,492 859,627
10. Renuevo de Plenitud 2,974,336 789,077
11. New England Patriots 2,856,885 766,153
12. “MTV Roadies” 3,568,350 664,790
13. Kevin Hart 4,325,764 630,941
14. Jesus Christ 3,397,152 625,388
15. 6,703,298 519,559
16. Leo Messi 29,673,749 518,481
17. “Pretty Little Liars” 6,722,496 499,838
18. 1,912,630 479,821
19. Texas Hold’em Poker 55,575,542 444,000
20. GodVine 1,969,518 431,400


Competition stiffens between top leaders on the countdown. Jesus Daily maintains a massive lead though gaining well over 5.9 million interactions. Still working to catch up, Dios Es Bueno earns a tremendous 3 million likes and comments total in second.

Decreasing in ranking, The Bible falls to fourth after a 1.3 million finish. Joyce Meyer Ministries follows a similar story in sixth, with 1.2 million likes and comments. Making a buzzing comeback, Renuevo de Plenitud is 10th, a 789,077 engagement statistic.

Losing steam in the 14th position after 625,388 interactions is the page for Jesus Christ. has 519,559, for a 15th place conclusion. Hanging in the final spot, GodVine has 431,400 responses.


Real Madrid comes out victorious on the field and the countdown progressing to third with a 1.5 million interaction total, and FC Barcelona — the ninth place finisher — collects a 859,627 engagement figure. Star forward Leo Messi sees a diminishing 518,481 likes and comments.

Trade rumors are one of the many topics of conversation that aids in Manchester United‘s ranking in seventh; 932,062 talkative participants give the page a strong finish.

The Super Bowl is upon us once again, and it will be interesting to see if both teams rank in the coming weeks. For now, the New England Patriots are found in 11th hearing 766,153 cheering fans throughout the playoffs.


Maintaining his typical social media approach, Mario Teguh again ends the past seven days in fifth with 1.2 million voices adding to the conversation. Slipping to 18th, ends connects with 479,821 likers on the social network.


Talks surrounding Justin Bieber entering the studio to record a new record enables the star to mount a 865,559 comeback total, for an eighth place finish.

Talking points surrounding the current season of “MTV Roadies” continue, and 664,790 interactions place the page in 12th. “Pretty Little Liars” also returns as 499,838 chatterers post on the show’s Facebook page.

Promotion continues for Kevin Hart‘s latest comedic release, and 630,941 posters aid in the page ranking in 13th.


Returning in the 19th position, Texas Hold’em Poker is back after earning 444,000 interactions.

Readers, which pages are you engaging with the most this week?

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