Facebook Drives 25% of All Social Referral Traffic Online

The industry leader drives four-times more referral traffic than its closest competitor.

social referral traffic

Shareaholic released its Q3 2014 social traffic report this week, demonstrating the staying power of Facebook and how much Pinterest is gaining on the industry leader. Indeed, Facebook delivered 25 percent of all social referral traffic across the Web and drives four times as much traffic as its nearest competitor Pinterest.

Pinterest drove 5.52 percent of social traffic in the final month of Q3, a drop of 3.53 percent for the network, as compared to the previous quarter. However Twitter only accounted for 0.88 percent of traffic in September, and it was down 14.34 percent, so Pinterest and Facebook are still leagues ahead of their competitors.

Google+ and LinkedIn only accounted for 0.07 and 0.04 percent of traffic respectively, and were the only sites to show growth from the previous quarter. In fact, social referrals increased 9.52 percent for Google+ and 113.43 percent for LinkedIn.

The year-over-year data indicates that Facebook referrals have 115.63 percent in the last 12 months; Pinterest increased just over 50 percent. Google+, a so-called ghost town, increased its referrals by 57.02 percent, while YouTube referral traffic decreased 87.27 percent Y-o-Y.

What to take away from this data? Facebook remains strong, and according to Shareaholic, there’s still room for the world’s largest social network to grow. Pinterest is becoming a powerful source of social referral traffic, and the results are mixed for Google. Unfortunately, Twitter seems to be is losing clout, which is bad news for the company in a time of expansion. To read more in depth data, view the report here.