Facebook Is Opening the Virtual Doors to Its Crisis Response Center

Safety Check, Community Help, Fundraisers and links to crisis-related content in one place

Crisis Response Facebook

Facebook Thursday introduced a single destination where users can access all of its tools geared toward responding to crises.

Product director, social good Mike Nowak said in a Newsroom post that “in the upcoming weeks,” Facebook users will be able to access the social network’s Crisis Response center via the homepage on desktop or the menu button on their mobile applications, where they will see the following tools:

  • Safety Check, which Facebook introduced in October 2014 as a way for users to mark themselves safe during times of crisis in order to alleviate the concerns of friends and loved ones.
  • Links to crisis-related content—including articles, photos and videos—from public posts.
  • Community Help, which allows users to ask for or volunteer help in areas affected by crises.
  • Fundraisers, which enable users to create fundraisers in support of crisis victims and nonprofit organizations providing assistance.

Nowak provided more information on the addition of related content from public posts: “When people receive Safety Check notifications or learn that a crisis has happened, they may not know much about the incident and want to learn more. Starting today, we will begin to include links to articles, photos and videos from public posts so that people have access to more information about a crisis in one place. Safety Check activations and related information may also appear in News Feed to help provide additional details about a crisis. We hope these updates continue to provide people with helpful information to keep them safe and help communities to rebuild and recover.”

david.cohen@adweek.com David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.