Facebook Begins Issuing Monthly Reports on Removals for Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior

The social network detailed two previously unannounced efforts in India, Egypt

Facebook moved its reports on the removal of networks for coordinated inauthentic behavior to a monthly format.

The social network said in a Newsroom post Monday that over 50 networks worldwide have been taken down over the past year, adding, “Starting this month, we will begin publishing information about all networks we take down over the course of a month as part of regular CIB reports to make it easier for people to see progress we’re making in one place.”

In February, Facebook removed five networks engaged in foreign or government interference, totaling 467 Facebook accounts, 1,245 Instagram accounts, 248 Facebook pages, 49 Facebook groups and roughly $1.2 million in ad spending.

The social network provided details on three of those networks last month: 78 accounts, 11 pages, 29 groups and four Instagram accounts that originated in Russia and focused primarily on Ukraine and other neighboring countries; six Facebook accounts and five Instagram accounts originating in Iran and primarily focused on the U.S.; and 13 accounts and 10 pages originating in Myanmar and Vietnam and focusing on the former.

The first previously undisclosed removed network originated in India and focused on Canada, the Gulf region, the U.K. and the U.S.

It was made up of 37 Facebook accounts, 32 pages, 11 groups and 42 Instagram accounts, and the social network said its investigators found links to aRep Global, a digital marketing firm based in India.


And the second originated in Egypt and focused on the Middle East and North Africa.

A total of 333 Facebook accounts, 195 pages, nine groups and 1,194 Instagram accounts were removed, and Facebook said it found links to two marketing firms in Egypt, New Waves and Flexell, which were also behind coordinated inauthentic activity that was removed from its platform last August and October.