Facebook Begins Broad Rollout of Data Use Checkup

Developers will have 60 days to comply once they are enrolled

Facebook will begin broadly rolling out the Data Use Checkup workflow for developers and their applications that it began testing in April.

The social network onboarded “a small set of apps” in April, and director of platform partnerships Konstantinos Papamiltiadis said in a blog post Thursday that it will gradually roll out in waves over the coming months.

Data Use Checkup will prompt developers to review the permissions that their apps have access to and commit that their application-programming interface and data use comply with Facebook’s platform terms and developer policies.

When developers are enrolled in Data Use Checkup, they will be notified via developer alert, email to the registered contact and in the task list of App Dashboard. They will then have 60 days to comply or risk losing their API access.

Developers managing multiple apps will have the option of completing the process simultaneously for all of their apps via the My Apps page in App Dashboard, although they must still review each app they manage and the permissions they have access to in order to ensure compliance.

Papamiltiadis shared the following steps that developers not yet enrolled in Data Use Checkup should take in order to be prepared:

  • Ensure that you can access your app or apps via App Dashboard. Developers that need to regain administrator status can click here.
  • Update contact details and app admin designations for each app. App admins can complete the Data Use Checkup process, so they should have proper authority to act on behalf of the developer or organization.
  • Audit apps and remove those that are no longer needed.
  • Review permissions and features and remove those that are no longer needed.