Facebook Becomes the People Search Engine

Data released by Facebook today reveals that Facebook is indeed the “Most used people search engine on the web.” Does Facebook have any plans of going head on with Google? You bet! Last month I suggested that Microsoft needs to purchase Facebook ASAP if they want to gain in online advertising as well as search. People related searches make up over 30% of all searches worldwide. Facebook handles 500 million searches whereas Google handles 3.85 billion search queries. If we estimate that 30% of all searches are people related, that would mean 1.15 billion searches completed by Google are people related. That suggests that Facebook is completing a huge percentage of people searches worldwide. Whether or not they are the “Most used people search engine on the web,” remains to be seen. One is thing is for sure: Facebook has been self-declared as the people search engine. Aditya Agarwal states it clearly: