Facebook and Google Are Among the Urban Computing Foundation’s Founding Members

The Linux Foundation is looking to resolve issues in connected cities

UCF will establish a neutral space for developers Linux Foundation

Facebook is one of the founding members of the Urban Computing Foundation, which was created by the Linux Foundation.

Other founding members are: Google, Here, IBM, Interline, the MIT Senseable City Laboratory, StreetCred, Uber and the University of California-San Diego.

UCF’s mission is to provide a forum for developers to collaborate on and build a common set of open-source tools to improve mobility, safety, road infrastructure, traffic congestion and energy consumption in connected cities.

Michael Cheng, who works on licensing, collaborations and open source for Facebook, said in a blog post that UCF will establish a neutral space for this work, which will include adapting geospatial and temporal machine learning techniques for urban environments and developing simulation methodologies for modeling and predicting citywide phenomena.

Facebook will serve on its advisory committee and help create and maintain a neutral framework and open ecosystem of tools and resources for developers.

Cheng wrote, “UCF’s mission has the potential to not only minimize pollution, congestion and consumption, but also to ensure that technology has a positive impact on urban landscapes. We look forward to working with the Linux Foundation and other partners to create a network of open-source tools and resources for developers.”

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