Sly Stallone Destroys YouTube In Expendables Promo

Sylvester “Sly” Stallone has jumped on the YouTube takeover bandwagon with a promo for his new film, The Expendables, in which he literally destroys YouTube’s website during an interview with Shira Lazar. As of late, more and more brands are breaking out of the box to promote themselves on YouTube. Samsung released the first ever YouTube takeover game in June, and Cadbury recently released their own branded, round YouTube players. Stallone and The Expendables are next in line with this super exciting, super surprising interview, in which Stallone not only takes over YouTube but completely destroys it.

As you can tell from the screenshot below, The Expendables promo on YouTube looks just like the regular YouTube page. However, you’ll notice that the page doesn’t have any of the regular YouTube functionality (Pause, Play, Comment, etc.) and if you watch the clip you’ll see quickly that it isn’t anything like your regular YouTube video. Things get out of hand, and quick, and it’s super fun to see.