Evian’s Roller Babies Viral Campaign Headed For Television

Last July Evian unleashed its viral video campaign, Roller Babies, on the web. The video, which jokingly illustrates the youthful effect Evian mineral water has on the body by showing a bunch of babies freestyle roller-skating, received a whopping 102 million views, 130,000 comments and 500,000 Facebook fans across a number of Roller Baby fan pages. Now, ten months after the online release of Roller Babies, Evian is taking a hint from the success of their viral campaign and is bringing the Roller Babies to television.

The ads began running in the Los Angeles area this week and are set to begin running in New York this summer. According to Euro RSCG spokeswoman Heloise Hooton, the Roller Babies Evian ads have also appeared on television in Belgium, France and the United Kingdom.