Eventbee Integrates with Facebook Connect and Introduces Social Ticket Selling

Eventbee, an online event management site, has just released a new Facebook Connect integration called Eventbee Network Ticket Selling – Social. Using this new tool, Facebook users can seamlessly connect and tap into their social graph to sell more tickets and be rewarded for each ticket sale.

The innovative feature allows event coordinators to take advantage of the viral effect of Facebook to reach an audience that may not be available through “traditional” methods like email marketing, and offers a way to incentivize friends to get involved in ticket sales.

The Facebook Connect integration is already getting good reviews as companies are realizing how useful it is to leverage Facebook’s powerful network to broadcast an event.  For example, Jenn Shaw of Jnine Media, who is trying to sell tickets to an Obama Inaugural event, says:

We have been using Eventbee for our events including Obama for Change-Organizers and Volunteer Victory Celebration. This new feature that allows passing discounts to Facebook friends is really exciting and a big CHANGE in how we sell tickets online. We are looking forward to tapping this innovative feature in all our events!

If you’re an event coordinator or interested in event marketing through social networks but don’t know what the best way is to integrate your service with Facebook, EventBee is likely a good place to start and may be the perfect solution for your social media event marketing needs!