Esquire Resurrects Spy for Last 30 Days Before Election

Welcome back.

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 8.47.25 AMSpy is back. In digital form, that is. Esquire has resurrected the legendary satirical magazine that folded in 1998 as a pop-up site at

As Spy co-founder Kurt Andersen noted in his “we’re back” piece, Donald Trump’s rise made a Spy reboot absolutely necessary.

“Spy pioneered the exposure and ridicule of Trump back in its day, of course, always referring to him as ‘short-fingered vulgarian Donald Trump’— and in this campaign, astonishingly, that epithet (and the general tiny-hand critique) resurfaced in a big way. As Trump became the Republicans’ presumptive nominee, lots more people, pretty much every day, said to me, “Spy really needs to be rebooted, if only just for the election.”

The revamped Spy will run from now until Nov. 8. It is overseen by Esquire editor in chief Jay Fielden, with help from Andersen and Hearst Magazines CCO Joanna Coles.

Spy is edited by Josh Wolk, who previously served as editorial director of Vulture and editor of Yahoo Entertainment. Hearst Magazines Digital Media director of content Michael Mraz, Comedy Central vet J.R. Havlan and former Atlantic Media staffer Gabriel Snyder are also working on Spy.