ESPN3 & Cross-Platform Viewing Score A Major Goal With The World Cup

Soccer fans and patriots around the globe have been gearing up for the FIFA World Cup for months now, but since the games began it looks like one of the true winners is ESPN3. ESPN3, ESPNÂ’s broadband network for the live streaming of sports games, has seen a huge increase in traffic since the 2010 World Cup games began. ESPN3 had a whopping 1.7 million viewers in the first 4 days of the World Cup games alone.

The World Cup has not only been a catalyst for an increase in traffic at ESPN3, but has also boosted ESPNÂ’s online and mobile traffic in general. According to NewTeeVee, ESPN3Â’s parent site has also had a huge boost in traffic, with over 1.7 million views on World Cup content, including game highlights and analysis. ESPN Mobile users also watched nearly 1 million videos on their mobile devices during the first four days of the World Cup. ESPNÂ’s World Cup app was also downloaded over 1 million times within the first 4 game days. ItÂ’s clear that these statistics are good for ESPN, but what do they mean for us?