Former AOL CMO Swivels to Barstool Sports as Site’s First CEO

Erika Nardini started this week.

A year of exciting change for website Barstool Sports continues. First came the announcement in January that a majority stake had been purchased by The Chernin Group. That in turn triggered a consolidation of operations from Boston to New York.

Now, there is the addition of a female CEO. Erika Nardini (pictured), who served as CMO of AOL from January 2013 through January 2015, started this week. More recently, she held the dual title of president and CRO at influencers-platform Bkstg.

Nardini is Barstool Sports’ first CEO, coming on board an operation that was started in 2003. She has a very extensive and impressive background. After starting out as a media manager with Fidelity Investments, she worked for, among others, Arnold Worldwide, Yahoo, Microsoft and Demand Media.

As per usual, the gang at Barstool Sports have concocted a fun video to frame the arrival of Nardini. Check out their (delightfully) politically incorrect mini-presser below.

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Photo courtesy: Barstool Sports

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