Disney Will Retell Classic Stories With the Help of This Los Angeles Museum

The tales will unfold on Snapchat

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Beginning this month, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the largest art museum in the western United States, will launch a digital collaboration on the @OhMyDisney Snapchat account, according to a press release.

"Partnering with Disney—one of the most influential and dynamic storytellers of our time—is a perfect marriage of two Los Angeles institutions that love to engage the public with images," said Lacma's CEO and Wallis Annenberg director, Michael Govan.

The first Disney movie to get this artistic treatment will be Beauty and the Beast, starting on Oct. 19 on Lacma's Snapchat account and will finish on OhMyDisney's account the next day. This fun, artsy project will continue on a bi-monthly basis, with Lacma granting Disney access to over 130,000 works in its encyclopedic collection which spans "thousands of years and from all around the globe." Collaborators will use pop culture references, filters, memes and doodles to retell these classic stories.

"Lacma's intentionally humorous Snapchat account not only has made important artworks from our collection vastly more accessible to new audiences, but it has also allowed us to explore these artworks from new points of view," said Govan.

Lacma was one of the first museums to join Snapchat, back in 2014, and has explored its unique voice on a digital medium to hopefully draw in a new, more energized, crowd.

By featuring artworks and exhibitions in an approachable, playful context, the release stated, Lacma hopes to reach a younger demographic on Snapchat and spark their curiosity about art history.

The museum's account "already captures that contemporary and culturally savvy voice and tone that our OhMyDisney Snapchat audience loves," explained Dan Reynolds, the vp of content and audience development with Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media.

"This collaboration is a natural way to add a little magic to the artworks and storytelling to reach a new generation of art and Disney fans alike," said Reynolds.

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