Did Twitter Just Jump The Shark At #twtrcon?

Let’s be honest, listening to people talk about tweeting for 8 hours gets kind of annoying. Given that I had never previously attended a Twitter conference I thought I would at least give one a shot. Thankfully the people over at Modern Media brought a Twitter conference to D.C. and it wasn’t as hype-filled as one would expect. At the end of the day though what we’re always listening for is valuable anecdotes and Twitter is the perfect platform for sharing those.

This afternoon Rohit Bhargava wrote, “Tweeting can be like putting $$ in a tip jar when no one is looking. You won’t always get credit for your own brilliance.” It’s a true statement and hundreds of these anecdotes streamed through Twitter throughout the day. Unlike a large portion of the attendees who were glued to their favorite Twitter desktop client throughout the day, I opted out of the background chatter for the most part.