Despite a Plethora of Data, Marketers Are Still Not Utilizing It to Its Full Potential

It can show misleading conclusions when gaps are present

A plethora of date on the screen
New approaches to data can help marketers feel more confident about what they know about their consumers. Getty Images

In today’s business economy and at almost every company, there is no shortage of data. Savvy professionals and teams are collecting data about their marketing performance, customer behavior, sales funnel and competition. Unfortunately, for many companies, this information is sitting untapped or not being used to its full advantage. Few businesses can thrive—let alone survive—if they fail to connect and harness the incredible power of this data to make holistic decisions about their path forward. When collected and measured effectively, disparate information can be leveraged to find heretofore unseen trends or opportunities that light the path to new competitive advantage.

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Rex Briggs is the founder and CEO of Marketing Evolution.