How to guarantee reaching your audience in the News Feed with unpublished posts

You know that getting your message in the News Feed is increasingly challenging.

Right hand side ads are likely to go away, since effectiveness and visibility are dwindling.

So what do you do?

Enter your savior.

Have you heard about unpublished (dark) posts on Facebook? They’re underutilized, but quite easy to create, with many beneficial features. Just open Power Editor and go to Manage Pages in the top left. From there, You just click ‘Create Post’. Fill out your post details, and click ‘Submit’.

Notice that there is a small moon icon next to the post that was just created. This mean it exists, but is unpublished to the page yet.

This is helpful if you want to craft a message for each type of audience, but don’t want to spam the News Feed and expose them to posts only meant for a select group, allowing you to filter who sees what.

You can use custom audience targets, partner categories, or broad categories to promote your posts. They’re just like a normal post, they just have to be linked to.

Don’t ever use the Promote / Boost Button!

If you use the promote post button, your targeting is limited to gender, relationship status, educational status, interest, age, location, and language. This is why marketers should never just promote the post. You miss out on many of the microtargeting features available.  

Instead, you can create the page post ad inside the Power Editor. Your newly created dark post will show up at the top of the posts you can promote for your page.

From there you can use any targeting the Power Editor has to offer, such as custom audience targets, partner targeting, and so forth.

So there you have it. Creating a dark post is not only easy, but also useful for promoting content to different audiences.

Readers: What are some ways you plan to use dark posts? How well do they work for you?