David Spinks, Co-Founder of BlogDash: 'The 'Influencer' World is a Crazy Place'

Are there already too many services and tools on the market looking to improve media and blogger relations? David Spinks thinks there is room for one more, and he makes a compelling case. BlogDash, a recently launched “blogger outreach dashboard” which Spinks co-founded with Marc Duquette, has already signed up 400 businesses.

PRNewser spoke to Spinks to learn more about the service and how it hopes to break through in a crowded market.

Tell us about BlogDash, specifically what makes it different from other blogger or media relations services?

BlogDash is a platform built to connect bloggers and brands…like a LinkedIn for the blogosphere. Most media relations services are one-sided.  They gather data about bloggers and media, and then sell that data to businesses. They don’t take into account the blogger’s needs.  By allowing bloggers to take full control of their profiles and giving them the chance to choose what kinds of opportunities they’re open to receiving, it reduces spam, and creates a more valuable connection for both sides.

BlogDash doesn’t allow mass messaging, and we take our no spam policy very seriously. Brands can use BlogDash to find, research and engage with the right bloggers. Bloggers can use BlogDash to build a professional profile, and get high quality opportunities to work with brands and other bloggers.

How do you acquire blogger information for BlogDash?

A lot of ways.  When a blogger signs up, they control all of their information and provide it themselves.  If a profile has not been claimed by a blogger, it simply displays information that’s publicly available.  We analyze a blogger’s site and RSS feed to gather information and metrics.  Some things we get automatically.  Others we gather manually.  We put a great deal of focus and resources into gathering high quality information.