David Recordon Leaves Six Apart, Joins Facebook

After working closely with Facebook over the past few months, David Recordon has left Six Apart to join the fast growing social platform with the title “Senior Open Programs Manager”. While the title may be a bit ambiguous, it’s clear that he’ll be working with Luke Shepard and others to help integrate open standards into Facebook. Earlier this year when I spoke with Recordon, he appeared pretty excited about Facebook’s continued opening of the platform.

This hire comes with news of others as Spencer Ante reports. According to Ante, Arturo Bejar “will soon join as a director of engineering from Yahoo!” This position will most likely Mike Schroepfer, the current VP of Engineering. Flush with an additional $200 million in cash, Mark Zuckerberg has been going on a hiring spree, starting with the acquisition of FriendFeed and now a number of other new hires.