Interview: David After Dentist Dad On How Life Has Changed And New Toothbrush Campaign

Yesterday I wrote a post about the new Dr. Fresh Firefly toothbrush campaign, starring David from the YouTube viral hit ‘David After Dentist’. When David’s dad, David DeVore, left a comment responding to my post I decided to take the opportunity to get in touch with him and ask him a few questions about the new Dr. Fresh campaign, as well as the DeVore family’s experience with YouTube fame in general. Check out my interview with David’s Dad after the jump!

If you didn’t read yesterday’s post, young David is the new product spokesman for Dr. Fresh’s FireFly toothbrush, a light-up toothbrush that makes brushing fun for kids. Dr. Fresh got in touch with David’s dad about creating a YouTube video about the toothbrush and the video launched last week. So far it’s got just over 15,000 views on David’s YouTube channel and 19,000 views on the Dr. Fresh YouTube channel. You can check the video out below.