Fortune Magazine Loses Dan Primack

The final edition of "Term Sheet" will circulate later this month.

This is pretty funny. In an interview with Recode Monday during which Fortune magazine columnist Dan Primack (pictured) revealed that he is getting ready to move on in a few weeks to Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen’s nascent venture, he explained that the first email entreaty from Allen about the opportunity went to his spam folder!

Despite that inauspicious beginning, Primack, based in Southborough, Mass., is indeed saying goodbye to the Fortune venture-capital beat after six years. It’s a big loss for the magazine. From Kara Swisher’s item:

Looking back at his work, Primack said that he’s struck by how little the investment game has changed. “For an industry about innovation and changing the status quo, as an industry it does not change very much,” he said. “Very few people upend it.”

We’ll see if Primack can do some upending at his new job—VandeHei certainly thinks so. “Dan is the rare reporter with authentic, deep expertise who can—and wants to—shape how important, demanding readers think about deals and the tech space on a daily basis,” he said. “We hope to build our new enterprise around people just like him.”

Fortune magazine owns the “Term Sheet” email newsletter brand, so the departure will create a Prim(ack)o opportunity for some new journalist to take over the senior editor’s slot. In today’s edition, headlined “A Very Special Edition,” Primack expounds upon his career move and includes a wink to a certain American financier:

Yes, VandeHei and Allen’s venture is backed by a host of venture capitalists and angels, which will add some degrees of conflict difficulty that I’ll discuss at a later time in a different venue (Hi Steve Rattner – seriously, can you believe this?).

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