Curated Video Service Flipboard TV Debuts on Samsung Galaxy S20 Phones

16 topical channels contain content from major publishers

Flipboard TV, a curated video service inside the Flipboard application featuring content from publisher partners and local TV stations, debuted Friday with 16 channels, exclusively on Samsung Galaxy S20 phones.


Flipboard TV will provide video from major publishers including American Media, The Associated Press, Bloomberg Media, Bonnier, Bustle Digital Group, Digital Trends, Dow Jones, Hearst Magazines, Hearst Television, Lonely Planet, Mansueto Ventures, McClatchy, Penske Media and The Recount.


The 16 topical video channels that are part of Flipboard TV as it debuts are: Auto, Business, Celebrity, Entertainment, Fitness, Food, Lifestyle, Local, News, Outdoors, Politics, Science, Sports, Style, Tech and Travel.


Flipboard TV is ad-free and, after a free three-month trial period, will cost $2.99 per month. Flipboard said it will share revenue with participating publishers based on dwell time.

Flipboard vice president of business development Claus Enevoldsen said in a release, “The interest we’re getting from publishers to collaborate to develop an ad-fee subscription service for video content is encouraging. Today, almost all publishers produce high-quality video that they’d like to make more discoverable, and there is an appetite to explore and experiment with new business models. Users, on the other hand, are getting used to paying for premium content, which makes me bullish about our model for Flipboard TV.”