Cookie Monster Stars In His Own Interactive YouTube Game

Cookie Monster has become something of a web video star this year, amassing over 1.5 million views in his recent campaign for a hosting gig on SNL, and posting regular video blog on his Facebook page and Tumblr. Now he’s even got his own interactive YouTube game! ‘Sink or Float?’ is a fun new educational game that leads viewers through experiments to find out if different objects sink or float.

Dan Lewis, Sesame Workshop’s Director of New Media Communications, let me know about the video via Twitter today when it was posted on the Sesame Street Tumblr blog. How does the game work? Basically, viewers are asked to click and choose one of four objects in the first video to start the game. The choices are a coconut, lemons and limes, Ernie’s rubber ducky and a rubber band ball. Viewers are then asked to choose a hypothesis – will the object sink or float? A final video lets the viewer know whether his or her hypothesis was correct. Give ‘Sink or Float?’ a try, starting with the video below.