Contrarian Strategy: Treat Social Media Like The Internet

Tom Johansmeyer is the Senior Content Director at enter:marketing. He also blogs for Cigar Reader, of which he is co-founder, Gadling, and Luxist.
I follow around 400 people on Twitter, and only a fraction of them are truly active. Nonetheless, it’s tough to keep track of everyone who interests me, and undoubtedly, I miss some interesting tweets that could also be great blogging fodder. This is hardly unique problem. Every active social media user is starting to feel crowded on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and increasing information flow only stands to make matters worse.

Twitter is adding users overseas aggressively, and Facebook is pushing forward to 450 million users, and at least of few of these new members will take to the platforms and click like crazy. This means there will be more connections, more status updates and more content for existing users to digest. And, it will impede the traditional Holy Grail of social media – developing genuine connections and dialogue.