Congregating at the Online Watercooler

How Shelly Palmer's virtual networking salons have evolved amid the pandemic

A virtual watercooler
The original idea was to curate the audience, pick a topic and have a salon-like discussion about it. Source: Getty Images

I missed meeting new people and I missed bumping into people I know. So six weeks ago, we introduced Shelly Palmer Online Networking Salons. They are free, category-specific, weekly 20-minute, super-curated, small Zoom meetings where you meet new people, bump into old friends, hang out for a bit and then get back to work. The results have been nothing short of amazing. And we’ve learned some things that I’d like to share with you.

@shellypalmer Adweek opinion contributor Shelly Palmer is CEO of The Palmer Group, a strategic advisory, technology solutions and business development practice focused at the nexus of media and marketing with a special emphasis on machine learning and data-driven decision-making.