Compete, like Nielsen, Shows Facebook Gained US Users and Attention in January

As more web traffic measurement firms release their January traffic data, the results are all point to the same trend: Facebook is continuing to gain more monthly users in the United States. Compete updated its site with January statistics today, and the numbers show that it is also gaining on big web rivals.

Facebook grew from 132 to 134 million monthly active users over the course of the month. That’s not the fastest growth the firm has shown for Facebook, but it’s notable because Yahoo fell slightly to 132 million over the same period. Google still has the most, at 148 million, but its growth is happening more slowly. The other big piece of data, as Compete notes on its blog today, is that Facebook continues to increase its share of overall attention among US users, coming in at 11.6%. This is possibly at the expense of sites including Google and Yahoo, as their share of attention fell slightly to 4.1% and 4.25%, respectively.

Nielsen, a Compete rival, also recently released its January data, and showed a similar trend around user and attention numbers. Facebook came in at 116 million monthly active users, below Google and Yahoo; in terms of attention, however, the report showed US users were spending more time on Facebook every month, and less time on many other big sites.