Comparably Finds a Glaring Lack of Work-Life Balance Among Social Networking Companies

Employees were motivated by salary, perks and benefits

Google topped Comparably’s 2019 salary list, just ahead of Facebook (2), Microsoft (3) and LinkedIn (14) Comparably

Employees at social networking and other closely related tech companies are generally happy, and especially happy with the perks and benefits they receive, as well as their salaries, but their work-life balance is severely lacking, according to new research from workplace culture and compensation monitoring site Comparably.

Comparably shared its findings this week on best company happiness, best compensation and best work-life balance.

Zoom Video Communications topped the company happiness list for 2019.

On the social networking and tech side, LinkedIn was tops, at No. 2, followed by Microsoft (5), Google (14), Salesforce (25) and Facebook (26).

Comparably CEO Jason Nazar wrote, “Happiness at work is an important metric that should be used when determining who we want to work for and how we want to work. Providing your workforce with a positive environment, clear goals they can be invested in and a comprehensive compensation package is a winning formula for the top-rated companies on our happiest employees list.”

The work-life balance list, which was topped by Starbucks, contained none of the social media or tech companies listed above in its top 50.

Nazar wrote, “Scientific research shows that being stressed out at work can have a serious physical and mental toll on your health. Employees have rated the companies on our best for work-life balance list at the top because they allow a healthy work-life blend that ultimately leads to a more engaged and productive workforce.”

Social networking and tech companies apparently attempt to make up for the poor work-life balance with perks and benefits, as well as salary.

Microsoft was tops on the perks and benefits list, followed closely by Facebook (2), Google (3), LinkedIn (14) and Salesforce (19).

Nazar wrote, “While salary is a factor to consider when determining where to work, it is not necessarily the most important aspect to job seekers. There are other ways to keep employees satisfied. By going above and beyond with extra perks and giving more than just ancillary medical and dental benefits, the companies on our best perks and benefits list show employees that they care about other areas of their lives.”

Google topped Comparably’s 2019 salary list, just ahead of Facebook (2), Microsoft (3) and LinkedIn (14).

Nazar wrote, “Being fairly paid for the work you do is an important factor for job seekers. The companies on our best compensation list received the highest sentiment ratings by those who know best—employees. When employers pay their workers competitively compared to others in their industry, their teams are motivated and incentivized to do a great job.” David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.