Chatroulette Fights To Stay Alive With Localroulette & Channelroulette

Just a few months ago everyone was talking about Chatroulette – trying it out with their friends, posting Chatroulette parody videos on YouTube, and generally going crazy for the site. However, in the last couple months, Chatroulette Fever has been dying down. With the exception of a new Merton Chatroulette piano improv video released by Merton earlier this month, I can’t remember the last time I heard any Chatroulette-related news. It seems that Chatroulette is aware of this major wane in popularity and are trying to do something about it with the launch of two new features – Localroulette and Channelroulette.

The original Chatroulette was exciting at first. It gave users the opportunity to video chat, at random, with different people around the globe. But after checking out the site a few times, having a few random interactions with complete strangers from the UK, Hawaii or Amsterdam, what were you left with but a few memories and the image of some guy with a bag covering his head and everything else on display permanently etched into your head?