Champion Champions Hoodie Design Contest

Two things we can’t get enough of: one-hundred-dollar bills and hooded sweatshirts, and both come in handy at this time of year. Enter Champion, the old-school athletic apparel brand that’s making its foray into the Web 2.0 world with a design contest. “Hoodie Remix” challenges you, the hooded sweatshirt-wearing design fan, to create a virtual hoodie with the help of a dizzying array of customizable color and pattern options. (We recommend the Alexander Girard-esque trellis print for a witty lining.) The best design, as chosen by public voting, will be sold as a limited-edition hoodie by Champion, and 13 winners (1 grand prize and 12 semifinalists) will receive gift certificates to buy more hoodies. So go forth and remix a hoodie, but be careful, because we can’t be the only ones who once lost an entire afternoon perfecting a pair of Nike iD shoes that we never got around to purchasing. Times flies when you’re customizing!