Facebook Sends Cease And Desist To USocial

USocial, a company which sells Facebook friends and fans, has received a cease and desist from Facebook for violating the company’s terms of service. The BBC claims that the issue at hand is that the company is “letting people profit from their profile”, which is strictly forbidden within Facebook’s terms. We’ve reached out to Facebook for clarification on the issue, to see if there were any issues with the company selling fans. In early October we highlighted the growth in the pay per fan business model, and since then we’ve heard an increasing amount of buzz about the space.

More specific to the Cease and Desist sent to USocial were claims that the marketing firm “violates its rights by sending spam, using web tools to harvest pages, getting login names and by accessing accounts that did not belong to the marketing firm.” In other words, USocial’s activity is not kosher. The real question though is whether or not Facebook allows the selling of fans and/or friends as long as user accounts aren’t being harvested or accessed through unauthorized means.