Care2 CEO Explains How Social Action Isn't Just Social Networking [Interview]

Care2 is the largest social action network on the web with over 14 million members and growing at a rate of one new user every 10 seconds. Founded in 1998 by Randy Paynter, Care2’s growth comes through its members spreading awareness through word-of-mouth – illustrating the power of mobilizing people for a good cause. Care2’s mission is to help individuals live a more healthy, sustainable lifestyle and enable members to take collective action and make their voices heard to influence governments and businesses. We were lucky enough to chat with Randy Paynter about this network, and he reveals how Care2 grew up before Facebook or MySpace had hit the scene, and how people can connect on a deeper level if they are passionate about an issue. Read on for this insightful interview.

Why did you target the Care2 network towards doing social and environmental good?