9 out of 10 Canadian Organizations use Social Media

Social media is an increasingly important part of Canadian public and private business strategies. A full 90% of businesses surveyed in a recent poll say they use social media, with only 10% responding that social media is unimportant. While there are some differences in opinion between private Canadian businesses and public, it’s clear that the Great White North is eager to expand its influence amongst consumers using the ubiquity of social media.

Canadian businesses appear to be more ready to experiment with social media than their American counterparts. The SAS/Leger Marketing survey reveals that nine out of ten Canadian businesses use some form of social media, and one in six CEOs say social media is the most important avenue for engaging the public in brand awareness. About 31% responded that social media was a major part of their business strategy, and 42% indicated that it played a limited role. Compared to a recent survey on employee engagement in the US, Canadian CEOs are positively gaga over social media. 60% of American executives responded that they did not use either internal or external social networks.