Burrell Communications Talks McD’s CSR Campaign

Work ran during this week's BET Honors.

In case you missed it, McDonald’s ran a combination TV ad/CSR campaign called “Lovin’ Where You Live” during Monday’s BET Honors program.

Burrell Communications Group, which launched the “Black Is Human” campaign earlier this month, tells us that it recognized a potential partnership between client McDonald’s and AeroSoul, a Bay Area non-profit dedicated to funding public art projects in Latin and African-American neighborhoods.

Here’s the :60 ad “Good Things” with the longer online “behind the scenes” video below.

Burrell also produced content for McDonald’s 365black, an online resource dedicated to serving the Black community.

The release positions the new campaign as an extension of that effort to “[celebrate] the pride, heritage and achievements of American-Americans year round.” In this case, the company sponsored the project by AeroSoul and featured some of its members in the ad alongside professional actors.

Lewis Williams, Burrell Communications Group executive vice president and chief creative officer, has more:

“McDonald’s new positioning gave Burrell an opportunity to examine what Lovin’ > Hatin’ means to the African-American consumer market. The strategy behind the campaign stems from a communal spirit compelling consumers to ‘Spread the Lovin’, Then Watch it Grow’ and is grounded in pillars of recognition, authenticity and reciprocity.

The ‘Lovin’ Where You Live’ campaign positions McDonald’s as a catalyst for Lovin’ in action, an active participant with people making a difference, and in the community, ready to serve. This work is timely, compelling and powerful, particularly given the negative images that often plague the African-American community.”

Whatever one may think of the chain’s ongoing rebranding, this work effectively ties its “Lovin’ not hatin'” theme to McDonald’s ongoing CSR efforts.

@PatrickCoffee patrick.coffee@adweek.com Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.