Bravo and Oxygen's Free Loyalty Programs Will Reward Viewers With Exclusive Content

Insider and Detective's Den will roll out in June

For those jonesing for more content from your favorite Bravolebrities, Bravo and Oxygen Media are answering the call. The networks are launching new loyalty programs in June, called Bravo Insider and Oxygen’s Detective’s Den. The programs will be free of charge and give members programming that includes additional behind-the-scenes footage, early access to some show previews and exclusive interviews with talent.

It’s a new way for cable networks to connect with fans in an era of fragmented audiences and cord-cutters.

“Bravo and Oxygen have super passionate and engaged fans, so we wanted to launch a dedicated platform to help us super-serve our audience. This fits in with our ‘always-on’ approach to our shows—even when a show is not in-cycle on linear TV, we are dedicated to offering content to keep fans interested and engaged 24/7,” Lisa Hsia, evp of digital for Bravo, Oxygen and Universal Kids, said in an email.

Fans don’t need a cable subscription to join the loyalty programs. They can register at or, which will let users give their preferences for their favorite shows to access tailored content.

Bravo and Oxygen have closely monitored how each network’s digital content has otherwise performed, and the loyalty programs will focus on the topics that appear to result in millions of views. Bravo’s lifestyle content verticals, for example, have driven about 6 million unique visitors per month so far in 2019. Unique monthly visitors to Oxygen’s crime vertical content, meanwhile, average 2.4 million.

Taking note of this, Bravo and Oxygen will take that interest and develop the brief online series into longer-form content, which it will release on YouTube or other platforms. One digital series, Housewife to Housewife, is edited for short bursts on social media but longer segments on YouTube.

All of the bonus content is ad supported.

The networks also said that they would be renewing 11 new and returning digital series, including Housewife to Housewife.

Other digital series coming this year on and YouTube will include Life After Bravo, a look at Bravolebrities after the screen, as well as Fans Ask Bravo, in which those celebrities are asked questions by fans.

On and YouTube, new series include Unsung Heroes, focused on female empowerment, and Oxygen Movie Club, featuring interviews with actors and directors on crime-related movies.

“In such a fragmented marketplace with a wide array of content, the need to build loyalty and focus on the quality–not just the size–of an audience is key. We hope to achieve both with these new programs,” Hsia said.