How Brands Can Advertise Within Social Games

The following is an excerpt from the Facebook Marketing Bible, the comprehensive guide to marketing your company, app, or brand on Facebook. The full version of this article includes details on how social game marketing deals are structured, specific price points of startup fees and cost per engagement, and a case study of a successful multi-faceted marketing campaign for Disney’s film Tron: Legacy within Booyah’s social game Nightclub City.

Social games hold a great deal of marketing potential for brands. By working with a game developer to turn what people find compelling about your business or product into virtual goods and game features, you can expose your brand to all of the game’s players in a memorable, interactive way.

Advertising through television, print, display, or search ads online might get your brand in front of potential customers for a few seconds, but social game integrations can translate into hours of exposure per user.

There are 4 key points to a successful in-social game marketing campaign.

  1. Find a game in which your brand can be naturally integrated.
  2. In exchange for their engagement with branded content, offer players something cool or that helps them in the game.
  3. Make the integrations optional, not mandatory, and only interrupt the game with content like videos when requested.
  4. Offer access to the branded content for a limited time only, creating a sense of urgency so players want to experience it before it’s gone. However, let users keep any branded virtual goods they’ve earned or purchased.

Some of the most common brand types and the styles of social games they should market in include:

  • Fashion and apparel brands within shopping games
  • Restaurant chains within city-building or restaurant-management games
  • Entertainment media brands within nightlife games
  • Consumer packaged good brands within pet games
  • Automotive companies within car games
  • Travel brands within gambling games
  • Credit and insurance companies within resource management and farming games

Brands can reach a variety of marketing goals such as banner impressions, video views, Likes to a Page, or social media mentions all through a multi-faceted marketing campaign within a social game.

Learn more about brand marketing on Facebook, in social games and beyond, at the Facebook Marketing Bible.