Blackberry, Trident, Grammarly and others among this week’s top PTAT gainers for product and service pages

Blackberry leads this week’s top People Talking About This gainers with over 9.6 million stories published on user’s pages. The brand has begun to use global pages, merging page Likes and PTAT with 27 different region pages.

The top 10 product and service pages saw PTAT growth between 50,629 and 1,714,908 engagements. We compile this list with our PageData tool, which tracks page growth across Facebook.

# Name People Talking About Daily Growth Weekly Growth 
1   Blackberry 9,686,063 +1,714,908 +9,685,109
2   Trident 1,011,724 +218,239 +1,011,647
3   Grammarly 872,413 +58,383 +573,832
4   Wexley School for Girls 285,447 +48,917 +249,410
5   iPhone 269,169 +87,337 +206,759
6   FΔSHION 423,908 -32,050 +196,168
7   Mozilla Firefox 289,049 +54,943 +189,700
8   Kit Kat 864,994 +35,604 +187,453
9   Hunter Safety System 169,816 +8,996 +139,657
10   The Conservative Newsfeed 170,628 +50,629 +107,751

Blackberry benefits from the merging of its pages, as it makes all pages appear healthy with customer engagement regardless of region. For example, from the screenshots below, the U.S. page helps to bolster the Australia/New Zealand page’s PTAT by contributing to the total global PTAT. Global brands in the future could introduce a metric calculating the overall engagement ratio for all of their pages. For instance, Facebook could start to tell brands the percentage of region specific page contributions to the total PTAT.

No. 3 on this week’s list, Grammarly is a service which provides an automated proofreading for text. The company uses its page as a way to share pictures with jokes about proper punctuation and grammar. This strategy has caused many of their posts to go viral as you can see the post below has earned over 10k shares.

As for other pages on the list this week, Trident is No. 2, adopting global pages as well. No. 4 Wexley School for Girls, a new-media advertising agency with only 3,086 likes, went viral receiving over 358k comments for a picture of Santa. No. 7 Mozilla Firefox found much of its engagement after Christmas, highlighting its Android application for tablets and cellphones.

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