Bivid Location-Based Social Networking App Launches on iOS

Bivid allows users to share photos and videos from their daily lives, and discover content posted by other users near their location, or around the world.

Following a beta launch of its platform in September 2015, Bivid has officially launched its location-based social networking app on iOS. Bivid gave SocialTimes an exclusive look at the app, which allows users to share photos and videos from their daily lives, and discover content posted by others near their location, or around the world.

Bivid looks to compete with apps like Yik Yak, but unlike Yik Yak, Bivid doesn’t allow anonymous posting. Bivid hopes this will prevent the spread of racist or offensive content, as well as bullying, on the platform. In Bivid, users create a profile (or can sign up with Facebook), and can follow their friends or other users, as well as celebrities and influencers, among others.

When browsing content on Bivid, users can view three types of posts in separate tabs: posts from users near their current location, posts from users they follow (regardless of their location) and popular posts, which are the most popular posts each day.

Posts on Bivid are automatically deleted after 24 hours, in an attempt to keep the app fresh. Users can post comments and likes on content before it disappears.


When posting content to Bivid, users can edit their photos and videos with filters, and can also draw or type on their posts. By default, a user’s posts are shared to their local feed and with their followers, but users can customize the privacy of each post by creating and sharing content to ‘rooms,’ or user groups. To be specific, users can create custom rooms and invite other Bivid users to join them. From there, users can choose to share posts only with members of specific rooms.

Dean Glas, co-founder and CEO of Bivid, told SocialTimes:

My cofounder Mendy and I saw a need for better location-based social networks—none of them do it all, and none of them do it well. We wanted users to have access to information about the world around them, like knowing if that nearby concert is still hoppin’ or if anyone is at the bar around the corner.

But here’s where we differ from other apps, like Yik Yak: Bivid posts last only 24 hours, to keep content hot, and users are not anonymous, which helps to create a healthy and safe online community. And it’s working really well: Bivid users have doubled each month since we became available on the App Store, and we’ve grown significantly on college campuses and with Millennial users.

Bivid is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. The app is expected to release on Android in February.