Beyond Allyship and Appropriation: An Alternative Future for Advertising and Media

The founders of Ethel's Club, Minorities in Sports Media and Trillfit weigh in

hand magic illustration
What would advertising and media look like if Black talent were as supported as our culture is embraced? Illustration by Jordan Moss for Adweek

To be Black in America is to experience the highest of highs and the lowest of lows and to love a country that doesn’t always love you back. But it’s our highs and our lows that put the sauce on everything we touch. One does not exist without the other. This is exactly what advertising companies that attempt to use a black Instagram square or African-American vernacular English in a caption get wrong every time. And hiring a Black model for a campaign designed by a monochrome team is no different—it’s just another attempt to impersonate the culture. 

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