Bebo's Joanna Shields Joins Facebook As Sales VP

If you’ve ever glanced at the perks Facebook employees get, that might be clue enough as to why executives from other companies are shifting allegiance to Facebook. Last week it was Google’s David Fischer, whose predecessor, Sheryl Sandberg, also moved to Facebook. Several other Googlers have come over to Facebook. This week, it’s ex-Bebo president Joanna Shields, who’s joining Facebook as sales and development VP of Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA).

Shields became AOL’s People Network president after Bebo was acquired by AOL. She left People Networks in May 2009, and returned to the UK to work on other interests, including “social content” company Shine Group, where she’ll still have a role. Facebook is targeting Arab-speaking countries in the Middle East, to have a better advertising foothold there. Part of Shields new role will likely include that focus, as well as taking over some duties from Blake Chandlee, whose focus is now Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America. Facebook wants to repeat their Asian-Pac market successes in EMEA. No word yet whether Shields will be working out of Facebook’s European headquarters in Dublin.