ATTN: Teams Up With Facebook, MediaWise on Media Literacy Video Series

The first installment, on Covid-19, is live on Instagram

Videos on other topics will be released throughout the year ATTN:/Facebook/MediaWise

Issues-driven media company ATTN: teamed up with the Poynter Institute’s MediaWise and Facebook on a new series of digital literacy videos aimed at younger Generation Z and millennial audiences.

The first video went live on Instagram Tuesday morning, and it is focused on helping viewers distinguish between fact and fiction related to the coronavirus pandemic.

More videos on other topics will be released throughout the year.

ATTN: outlined how all three partners in the initiative can benefit.

The company said that by partnering with MediaWise, a leading voice in journalism and media literacy, it can put its creative and production expertise to use in order to target the audience that needs these messages the most.

For MediaWise, adding the audiences of ATTN:, Facebook and Instagram enables it to bring this information collectively and quickly to audiences.

And for the social network, the video series helps support its commitment to empower people on its platform to decide for themselves what to read, trust and share. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.